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GenAI / Adv Analytics 

Empower your business with AI360, our cutting-edge, fully managed Generative AI platform. Built on the robust foundation of Azure OpenAI's GPT-4, AI360 revolutionizes how you interact with and leverage your data.

Our platform is uniquely designed to handle extensive data volumes. Utilizing Big Data principles, AI360 delves deep into your datasets to unearth hidden patterns, correlations, and insights. It organizes data meticulously, allowing our sophisticated technology to efficiently process and analyze it.

Our platform stands out with its Conversational Chat feature, transforming the way you interact with documents and relational data stored in MS SQL Server.

This innovative approach ensures that your data

is not just processed, but understood and utilized

to its maximum potential, fostering informed

decision-making and strategic business growth.

Choose AI360 for a transformative data experience,

where complexity meets simplicity and innovation

drives your business forward.

From traditional Data Warehouse/Data Lakehouse to business intelligence to advanced predictive modeling and business process automation, our platform integrates seamlessly with leading technologies, such as:

  • Microsoft Fabric

  • Azure Synapse Analytics

  • Databricks on Azure/AWS

  • Snowflake on Azure/AWS

  • Microsoft Power BI 

  • Tableau

Allow us to help you drive your business strategy by effectively using your data. Ready to move up the maturity scale - let's layout a plan for that journey!

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