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Data Governance 

We can help you not only organize your data, but bring meaning to your data by adding business context which is part of digital transformation. 

The benefits of data governance include: 


Better, more reliable data: Of course, that’s the whole point. Users and decision-makers will have more confidence in the data and consequently more confidence in the decisions based on that data. And those decisions will, indeed, be better because they are based on accurate information. 


A single version of the truth: The benefit of having all parts of the organization and all decision-makers working from the same information is incalculable. No more time spent arguing over whose spreadsheet or plan is “better” or more up to date. All parts of the organization are coordinated. 


Regulatory, legal, and industry compliance: Solid data management procedures are the key to compliance. In fact, auditors and regulatory oversight representatives will not look at the data so much as look at how that data was generated, handled, and protected. 


Cost reduction: Not only will audits become quick and easy, but day-to-day operations will become more efficient and effective. You can reduce waste caused by decisions made based on faulty or outdated information. And you can improve customer service by knowing the accurate status of ongoing activity, inventory, and manpower availability. 


The primary systems are Microsoft Purview and GCP Dataplex, and we’ll include on-premise system and cloud services. 

The approach we recommend for data governance excellence is: 

  1. Secure top management’s attention.

  2. Integrate with primary transformation themes. 

  3. Prioritize data assets and focus data leadership accordingly.

  4. Apply the right level of governance.

  5. Choose iterative and focused implementation.

  6. Generate excitement for data.

Data Governance Microsoft Purview
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